Using Affiliate marketing to create more cash-flow.

Affiliate marketing generates multi-billion dollar sales using an online sales force of affiliates. It is a business model that has been around for a long time, but unless you are an affiliate you probably have no idea how it can be used to reverse a struggling business, into a successful lead and sales machine.

Affiliate marketing can be used in two ways to save your bottom line and can be applied to most business categories or products.

Affiliate Marketing Cash-flow

Having a stream of high-quality leads who are interested in what you have to offer, is essential for consistent growth in your business.

This is where a lot of businesses can struggle, due to the incurred costs of advertising and promotion when generating new leads. Most people can’t dedicate the time required, to use free marketing methods, and it can take years to reach a large enough audience.

Affiliate Marketing Solution

What if you could break even, or make a profit before you even present what you’re actually selling?

Can you visualize hundreds or even thousands of new people coming through your marketing and sales pipeline every day and being exposed to your sales offers? You already have made a profit from them before they even got there. This is the key to online success.

Getting paid while building your list! That is what covers all your advertising costs and gets far more revenue from the same lead and customer than you ever would make from free marketing strategies that cost time.

And that’s how affiliate marketing can work for your sales funnel.

How it works:

Search for a product through an affiliate network like Click Bank or JVZoo or somewhere similar. Choose a product you are knowledgeable about and can relate with.

It is important to have a great affiliate product, as this is the key to your success in this strategy. You can use some of the preselected options.

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You will create an ad campaign that targets an audience that is interested in the affiliate product you’ve selected. Use Facebook, YouTube, Google, or Bing, or any other ad. network for this.

The ad takes people to a lead capture page, where you will reach the prospect with a headline and video that addresses a problem that you have a solution too. They will be asked to enter their email and continue into your marketing funnel.

The funnel sends them into a landing page where you offer value and can start to build a relationship.

But the goal is to quickly recommend the affiliate product that already has a high converting sales page to generate commissions immediately.

Increasing Revenue

Following this model, and offering additional affiliate offers through an auto email sequence, to increase the revenue generated on each lead, is the way Average Lead Value and Average Customer Value is highly increased.

Now you will also add in your own business’ offers to your audience and this is how you turn a struggling business into a cash-flow machine.

We call this a predictable cash-flow system.

Eventually, you can build your own converting sales pages for your funnel. If your business is struggling you will not have the time or resources to put everything together at the start. This model offers a quick solution.


Become a Kartra Affiliate to Generate Thousands in Monthly Commissions

We’ll Build You a Blog for $99 and Show You How to Generate Free Leads!


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