Building an email list is recommended if you are wanting to generate multiple income streams as the Online Success Strategy shows us. To do this you will need an email marketing system.

Using an email system is how you will be able to systematically correspond with the list of email subscribers we call leads

The aim is to have a consistent flow of emails you have prescheduled to send to your list of leads.


The reason you want to have this is so you can give value and build a relationship with your subscribers. Then you will be able to continue recommending other offers to your list of growing followers.

As these relationships strengthen and your list grows you will now increase the amount you continually earn from the list and you are now succeeding to increase your lead value.

This is the key to having increasing revenue to use for advertising costs. You will be able to reinvest in future campaigns to keep expanding and growing your business.

Learn how you can use our content and system to generate multiple streams of income online and to duplicate the Online Success Strategy all successful marketer follows.


Aweber is a recommended email marketing service provider who services over 100,000 small businesses globally. It offers good value and is affordable.

Aweber also offers a 14-day free trial.

If you are using our blog platform to have a marketing system, you’ll need an email service provider like Aweber.

Aweber free email templates you can use.

However, if you’re using the Kartra platform to set up your marketing system, you won’t need Aweber. Kartra comes with a robust email system built-in and has the best email deliverability rates in the industry.

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