Have You Heard About Fiverr?  (A low cost business solution)

I must admit I was a bit skeptical about the sevice when I first saw it but can say I am pleasantly surprised.  I think  the fact that I had a preconceived belief that something so low priced wouldn’t have the level of competance I need

Infact I find it to be a brillant solution for all the tasks I preferred to asign for someone else to complete. 

The name Fiverr is a bit misleading as the prices actually start around  five dollars. There is a range of prices charged by each individual vendor.I used a low cost vendor and the service was excellent and I am happy to reuse the same person for further tasks.

A low price does not nessecarily mean its inferior quailty. Some people are willing to offer  a reduced price when starting off as they build a reputation. More experienced vendors can probably charge more as they get referrels from their past customers.

If money is tight this low cost option is a  great solutions for getting practically anything you can think of, done for your business, branding and marketing

Fiverr Offers Multiple Services For Business

When reviewing Fiverr I found it offered a great service anyone can use. It is fantastic that I can hire someone instantly and they can have a job I set for them, completed in a few hours.The payment is per hour and is agreed before the work commences.

Fiverr offers everything from creating a new logo to copywriting for blogs. They also create video and photography projects along with many other categories.

There really is no need to pay high charges anymore as people working as freelancers with Fiverr get the tasks done for you.

As you scale up your business Fiverr really helps to bridge a gap of not having enough hours in the day. Delegating access workloads to Fiverr’s services will save you a lot of headaches.

YouTube Channel owners are using Fiverr to create their videos. This is very useful for anyone who doesn’t have the skill to create videos. Some high profile 6 figure earners are also using this service. Sometimes paying as little as a $5 How crazy is that…

Get a Free Account on Fiverr Here and Check It Out

The Online Business Model Is Changing Things!

Internet business is growing at a faster than ever pace. New business models like Fiverr are being met with a lot of resistance from previously used services. Fiverr is offering good value and is a cheaper alternative. I think it is inevitable that more services like Fiverr will be created. More people are now choosing to switch from traditional jobs. Freelancing or work from home online businesses is increasing.

Uber, Airb&b, and Fiverr are a similar model. They show it’s now possible to choose when or how you work as a freelancer. I’m sure there will also be many more in the next few years.

You can sign up here for a free Fiver account

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