Kartra Email system

Kartra is 1st class in the industry in my opinion. Heres why!

If you are looking to have an automated marketing system, to attract clients or customers or maybe you have an affiliate or network marketing opportunity. The expertise of the system you use is a crucial factor.

Kartra is a Platinum choice. The quality and finish you can produce using this powerful all-in-one platform, make Kartra stand out immediately from other competing products.


1. Kartra is referred to as a business in a box by its users as you get everything you need in one platform including industry-changing applications for no extra cost. (Kartra and Clickfunnels are similarly priced)

2. Kartra has achieved the highest email deliverability rates in this industry

3. Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) tools are included as standard in even the lowest priced package.


Having BAM embedded in your system will automatically customize each of your leads that go through your funnel.

If a lead clicks on a particular email link or button on a webpage, or they watch to a certain point of a given video, the system automatically customizes which emails, pages, videos or offers they see next, in your funnel.

By having BAM sort the list and personalize the experience of each person who enters your marketing funnel you will have significantly increase your lead value and this will lead to increased purchases

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Exceptional Email Service

Kartra has earned the reputation of having the best email deliverability rates in the industry. This provides the opportunity to increase your converting rates as more people will see and open your emails. This will result in you making a lot more money off the same marketing costs.


Today, many top 6 and 7-figure earners in the industry, who are locked into other platforms like Clickfunnels,(because of long term relationships) are integrating Kartra into internal pages of their existing funnels. Kartra’s superior quality stands out and is easily recognized.

Kartra’s excellence is recognized as the future and the opportunity to join is available now.

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