increasing lead value creating predictable cash-flow

Tracking your Average Lead Value and Average Customer Value should be a priority …

Its how you will increase the amount of money you make with your online marketing …

It gives the ability to control the income targets you want to hit…

What Is Average Lead & Customer Value?

Average Lead or Average Customer Value is simply what it sounds like… It’s what each lead or customer – on average – earns you.

The aim is to track these values so you can start testing to increase it.

Many businesses are missing this crucial process and this is why their marketing is ineffective!

This is the plan to track leads and customer value.

Begin with tracking your lead and customer value, and also applying Cashflow Optimization to increase what you earn. This is exactly how you control driving your income forwards.

Tracking lead value is for EVERY Type of Business…

Whether you are a coach, consultant, agency, network marketer or affiliate marketer —this same process needs to be followed to increase what you earn per lead or customer. Without it, you will fail to succeed.

To seriously accomplish your goals you will need to start leveraging the Internet and apply lead value tracking. Heres how to start.

How to Start Tracking Your Lead Value So You Are In Control Of Your Income

You must must must have a marketing funnel system.

A marketing funnel is essential as it is the only way you can predictably track your lead value and increase your earnings.

So What Exactly is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a window to your business which uses an automated process to firstly attract people to what you offer, then educate them about it, and ultimately make it easier for them to buy.

You can also develop more offers within the funnel to increase earnings and continuously test different offers and options.

Without a marketing funnel system, you’re not really marketing in a way that sets you up to win.

To set-up a marketing funnel system you have two options:

1. Get your own WordPress site and set up your marketing funnel system in it. WordPress is where I’m also able to host my blog your reading.

2. Use a system like Kartra or Clickfunnels. (I recommend Kartra)

Heres a breakdown of the Marketing Funnel & How it Automates Income (While Allowing You to Increase that Income with Predictability and Control)

Below are the most important components to help you quickly understand how the marketing funnel works.

Lead Capture Page

You use this to drive your traffic and collect leads. This may be in the form of collecting their email address, or it could include answers to leading questions so you’re using the funnel to put the right information and offers in front of them that are specific to exactly what they want. You need their email so you can put them in an automated follow-up process that allows them to get to know you and learn all about everything you offer… and also makes it easy for them to buy.

Lead Magnet

This is a free or low-cost offer you put in front of your prospect so they give you their email. The Lead Magnet should be something useful to your prospect in the form of a webinar, ebook, or video, etc. It could even be a physical book you ship if they agree to pay shipping and handling costs. You could even include a free consultation if you’re selling high-ticket (a product or service over $1000).

Landing Page

After entering their email the person will be directed to the landing page. This is the important part of the funnel because this is where you place the Ad Tracking pixel or other ‘traffic pixel’ so your system is tracking where your leads are coming from and how various marketing options are performing and also indicates where improvements can be made which is an important part of the tracking process to increase your leads and earnings per customer.


Tracking tools are now very accessible and make the process very straightforward.

Kartra is one company that is top of its game with this service. They have integrated tracking on their platform with their funnel building tools and email autoresponder, all in one package, making it easier than ever to implement all the stages to ensure you can test and improve the ads. you create to bring the most response to your adverts.

If you are using WordPress for your website or blog you can use a tracking service called ClickMagick.

Using tracking will enable you to move from guessing which ads. are working to knowing exactly how your ads. will perform. You will now be able to predict your results.

Cashflow Optimization

Once tracking is in place, using the tracking tools at key locations within your marketing funnel, you are employing Cashflow Optimization. These simple steps will allow you to literally increase what you earn consistently.

Using a marketing funnel and having tracking in place, enables you to now write your own ticket by applying Cashflow Optimization.

You’re now able to see what you earn per lead and customer, and know if a simple change to anywhere within your funnel has increased what you’re earning per lead or not. If an advert is working you keep it. If not, you tweak and improve it. Now you’ve removed the guesswork and can increase on autopilot with less and less effort. Now you’re on your way to success.

Learn how you can use the same Marketing Funnel We Use – that’s already set up and ready to go!

Learn how we can help you build your own Marketing Funnel System to sell what YOU offer (coaching, consulting, book, events, product, etc)

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