Equipment used for UTube

A smartphone is the only equipment you need to make a Utube video but there are a few other things you could consider getting.


I recommend having an external microphone. It’s important to have good audio for your videos. Having a microphone directly in front of you gives a clear sound and helps eliminate background noise. I find it also gives you something to focus and centralize behind and this is helpful for newbies who tend to fidget a lot. It also makes you look more professional.


Lighting is something else you will need to consider when shooting your videos. Having the right lighting for indoors may require a lightbox or light ring to create a good ambiance. The benefit of these is that you can record at any time without needing natural light. You can also apply soft lighting which makes you look better which is a bonus. The light ring is often on a tripod and can include a holder for your phone. This gives multiple benefits as you have a holder and lighting combined to produce a video.


A webcam is an easy way to record video and also great for live streaming on Utube. You are able to instantly connect to your computer or laptop and have instant video access. I find a webcam really useful for presentations where I share my screen and I am able to appear in the corner via the webcam or switch back and forward from the screenshot.


Thumbnails play a very important role in being able to get your videos noticed and ranked. I have found that Thumbnail Blaster is great for this. Thumbnail Blaster gives instant access to standout thumbnails you can use or you can create your own with the library of images they supply. The thumbnails are instantly applied to your video on Utube from the Thumbnail Blaster site. This speeds up the process when your creating thumbnails.


Fiverr is a great service where you can pay freelancers to produce or edit videos for your Utube channel.

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