Zoom is a very popular tool used among Internet business owners and marketers.

Our team uses Zoom in small-group meetings almost daily. It’s ideal when we want to share our video camera, but more often, when we need to show our screen to one another over the Internet. And the video/audio quality is far more stable than Skype.

We also use Zoom to hold marketing webinars and use it to review slide presentations or to share our computer screens with large audiences.

Your attendees can attend LIVE, and then you can record the webinar to share the replay in your marketing funnel. We often use these replay videos in our automated presentations for months or years to follow.

A Great Way to Create Your First Online Course!

Zoom has been used many times by people creating their first online course. Here’s how it’s commonly taught and done:

You market your course as a Live group coaching course. And you say it’s starting soon. You can give a date but when some of the “biggest names” today tell their story about creating their first online course, they had to keep moving their start date as they piled in more participants for that first one. Don’t be a perfectionist. It’s all going to be OK 🙂

Once you have a small group gathered you use Zoom to hold the Live sessions (you may have a session once per week for 6 weeks, for example).

Then you take the recording of those sessions and that becomes the permanent course you put into your membership site. Now you have an evergreen course to sell (evergreen means you can keep selling it over and over on auto-pilot without having to personally keep teaching the material)!

It’s a Great Video Screen Capture Tool

There are many software options out there that let you record what you see on your computer screen. And that’s great for presentations. But we almost always use Zoom because it’s so easy and requires no video editing when done.

We just record it and load it up with a push of a button. No editing. Super fast and easy!

So even when we’re not doing a Live webinar, many of our videos you see that include presentation slides (or where you see us walking people through a webpage on our computer)… these all use Zoom.

We couldn’t do business without Zoom. It’s definitely a tool we recommend.

Zoom’s plans are priced very reasonably.


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